CABIN 2 (2)
Trinity Lutheran Church Petit Jean

Pioneer Cabin 

The Cabin's exterior was built by the CCC in the 1930s;  They remain the welcome place for rest and enjoyment for

families since that time.

Gouache Painting Original Art $100

Giclee 8 1/2x11" unframed in protective sleeves $50

The Old Boat House  is currently updated and a very active boat rental location.  This painting features quieter times of serving fishermen and casual lake goers.  Giclee 8 1/2 x11"   unframed in protective sleeves  $50

The Old Trinity Lutheran Church at Petit Jean

This historically renovated church is now more than 130 years old.   It is a wooden plank-framed structure, with a weatherboard exterior, gabled roof, and cut fieldstone foundation.  The Gospel has been proclaimed on Petit Jean Mountain for more than 133 years!   Giclee 8 1/2 x11" unframed in protective sleeves$ 50

Old Daisy

The Old Lodge

on beautiful Petit Jean Mountain was first build in 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corp. Since that time, the Lodge has welcomed guests to view amazing sights, walk near by trails or have a meal in it's restaurant.  This is a place where many many memories are made!

  Giclee 8 1/2 x11" unframed in protective sleeves $50

  The love for old trucks in America has always been strong. Nostalgic, iconic, and just cool these popular workhorse vehicles are a window into American history. This truck bears the scars of many errands.  It has become the beloved familiar companion to one special person.  Its warmth and love invite us all to enter and enjoy the memories dear to our hearts. 

Original Oil $250

Giclee $125 unframed in protective sleeves


 Water Tower

This unique rock structure held a water tank in it's upper level and supplied the lodge and cabins with drinking water.

Glicee 81/2x11" $50

Christina's Art is available in the Original Oil and/or Giclee* Style

The Old Visitor's Center


While a new Visitors Center has now been built, this building with it's warm and inviting ambiance will be hard to duplicate.  A National Historic Landmark, it continued to welcome guests until 2021..

Gouache Painting Framed 15'x15" $250

Giclee $50


The comfort of a rocking chair beckons us to earlier Southern days of comfort and relaxation after enjoying the beauty of Nature  Giclee 8.1/2 x11" unframed in protective sleeves



A Giclee is a fine art digital print made on high quality paper or canvas by a very unique and high quality ink jet printer.  The product may then stretched on a strong wood frame or framed for display.  Giclees are made at the time of the order and can be anticipated to shipped within 3 weeks from the date of the order.  A limited number of 50 Giclees are made of selected paintings.  The Giclees are numbered and signed.  Giclees range in price from $50 and up depending on size of the painting.  Giclees are available from the paintings shown here.

Contact Christina about other desired Giclees.  cphelps49@icloud.com  or 1.501.580.6783.



The Cabin's exterior was built by the CCC in the 1930s;  They remain the welcome place for rest and enjoyment for families since that time.

Giclee 8 1/2 x 11" unframed in protective sleeves  $50

The Artist...A Note


During her graduate education, Christina lived on Petit Jean Mountain along with her parents.  They joined the small German community there.  It was on the mountain that she learned to appreciate the rugged yet beautiful construction of those structures built by the CCC of the 1930s.

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